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In today’s competitive environment, most businesses and organizations are targeting ways to assure and enhance both the value they deliver to customers and the value they receive through various business relationships.

Our clients are experts in their own businesses, so we provide them with the information they need, gathered in a way they trust and presented clearly. We concentrate on matching client needs with independent contractor capabilities to collect and report quality data instead of diluting our focus or inflating our costs with services our clients don’t want or need.

Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, DSG is a leader in all types of mystery shopping, intercept interviews and specialty field services for a broad range of consumer businesses, manufacturers, agencies, and associations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

More than 300,000 independent contractors, including many who are bi-lingual, and the most advanced industry software mean that DSG has the capacity and resources to handle almost any size program efficiently, but is still small enough to provide outstanding flexibility and responsiveness to clients and shoppers.

With a stellar client list, including many well-known national and international brands as well as sophisticated and ambitious smaller companies, experience indicates the higher standards clients have for their field information programs, the more they appreciate the unique DSG perspective and unrivaled commitment to program integrity.

In this fast pace, changing world, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. If you need information about what really happens at the point of contact between your company and your customer, DSG can help you design and execute a program to collect, organize and report it – accurately and efficiently.

At DSG Associates, the expertise accumulated during over 35 years in business is an added value, not an added expense. The result is the best possible value for our clients.

In the field services world, DSG is the Real Deal.

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