Services and Experience

What we do–Services

DSG develops and designs customized programs for every client. That’s how we work. You get the shopper specifications, the scenarios, the dayparts and weekparts, the questionnaires, the scoring and the reporting that fit your needs. Regardless of whether it’s mystery shopping, audits, surveys or intercepts, you won’t be put into a standard program. We take pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions to your field service needs.

In fact, if you don’t see the specific field service you need listed below, check with us. The list of every kind of field service project we can and have done for clients is too long to publish.

Mystery shops –types and uses

  • In-person
  • Telephone (Non Recorded and Recorded)
  • On line
  • Reducing management coverage
  • Compliance and brand protection
  • New product introductions and sampling
  • Implementation of customer satisfaction standards
  • Incentive, including instant rewards
  • Competitive (In Person, Phone, On Line)
  • Training effectiveness
  • Relationship/longitudinal (shopper reports on a series of transactions)


  • Point of purchase materials
  • Merchandising, stocking and/or pricing
  • Operations and/or facilities

Intercept Interviews

  • Interviewer or respondent administered
  • Tablet or Paper
  • Inside or outside
  • As part of observation teams or single purpose
  • With incentives or without


  • On line
  • Phone

Who we serve- Industry Experience

Regardless of the type of service and whether it’s a large on-going program or a small, specialty project, the key to success is our on-going commitment to deserve the trust of both clients and suppliers with whom we work. Our quality system starts with a heavy up-front investment in getting the program set-up correctly and follows with exceptional attention to detail and stewardship throughout the project or program execution. After over 30 years in this business, we’ve worked in virtually every industry, but the following is a good overview of our experience.

  • Hospitality businesses: quick service, pick-up and delivery, mid-scale and upscale restaurants and hotels
  • Retailers of all types, including department, specialty and luxury retail stores, service stations and convenience stores,grocery stores, big box retailers, rent-to-own and wireless phone stores
  • Consumer products: especially soft drinks, wireless phones, and computers
  • Financial services, especially credit unions, banks, home mortgages and auto and home insurance
  • Automotive sales, rentals and repair and maintenance services
  • Entertainment and travel: clubs, theaters and buses
  • Miscellaneous services: parking lots and garages, wireless phone service

Here when you need us–The Personal Touch

At DSG Associates, we know your business success depends on personal attention to your customers’ concerns. So does ours. That’s why for over 30 years now, DSG has built a culture based on personal attention to detail and personal interaction with clients and Independent Contractors (ICs).

It’s easy to get to a live person at DSG at any time during business hours. If you want to contact us, we’ll be available to talk with you –usually immediately, but always within hours at the most. Of course, your emails will get fast attention too. Either way, your inquiries or program changes will be personally addressed quickly.

At DSG, your success is our success, so we take the term “stewardship” seriously. We watch over every aspect of your field service project from start to finish and contact you with any concerns or recommendations

Our Contractors- Mystery Shoppers, Auditors, Interviewers

Despite a broad network of more than 300,000 independent contractors, we maintain a high level of continuous personal contact to ensure successful and timely completion of every assignment.

Most of our work with our contractors is done on line, however, we believe it’s critical to balance the need for speed and efficiency with what we believe is an equally powerful imperative for the direct, personal contact that can improve clarity, accuracy, mutual understanding and ultimately mutual success. So, just as we are available for our clients when they need us, we are available by phone for our contractors too. We want to ensure they know what you want and perform their assignment correctly.


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