DSG Associates History and Philosophy

DSG Associates, began in 1981 as a communications and consulting company founded by Donna S. Guido. In 1983 DSG designed an employee performance/motivation program for retail chain businesses based on the principles of Total Quality Management, using mystery shopping as the monitoring/measuring technique.

An employee incentive program for 1,200 Taco Bell restaurants was its first customer, but DSG soon learned that mystery shopping providers of the time could not meet its specifications for 100% quality coverage, short shopping windows, and fast turnaround. As a result, DSG began to liaison with mystery shoppers directly while developing innovative procedures yielding faster, more reliable results for clients and expanding into a variety of stand-alone field service capabilities.

As DSG continued to develop its on-site, on-line and telephone mystery shopping as well as related services, such as pricing studies, Intercept Interviews, and a variety of specialty audits, it also expanded from its hospitality base into a wide range of industries covering retailers, consumer products, financial services, real estate, travel and entertainment and automotive sales and service.

Our philosophy continues to be rooted in the Total Quality Management Model, exemplified by an operating focus on maintaining quality at each step of the process rather than waiting for final results and hoping for the best. An important part of this approach is The DSG Personal Touch, which simply means we believe in frequent, direct and hassle-free communication with shoppers, interviewers and clients.

On a practical level, the DSG Operating Objectives are simple:

  • Work done right
  • The first time
  • On time
  • On budget
  • With a smile

The result of this philosophy, and the processes it drives, is that we are one of the most reliable, highest quality field service providers in the country.

Today, with its broad background and in-depth knowledge of multi-unit operations and field management relationships, DSG continues to offer special expertise, specialized services and capabilities for working with large franchisees, dealer and/or agent based clients, but serves an array of clients representing almost every industry in work ranging from small specialty assignments to large, complex, on-going programs.

DSG offers both the capability and capacity to work as an active partner in creating and managing successful, respected field service programs for large and small clients who demand integrity, reliability and responsiveness.


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